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Kevin Bacon.

Pretty damn good show, escaped serial killer amasses a 'following' of serial killer copycats to do his dirty work. Had a pretty intense pilot, left me speechless afterwards.
Kevin Bacon plays a creep so well.

I'll have to check the show out- when did it air?
21st? Kevin Bacon's the good guy lol.
Hmmmm I 'checked it out' and I must say I was more interested when I thought Mr Bacon was the bad guy...

Although saying that I did 'somewhat' enjoy the first ep. I'd watch again.
Second episode was pretty damn good too.
Yeah enjoyed the second and the third ep.

I think what I'm liking the most is that it doesnt really follow the typical 'Cop show' theme.

I mean after they caught Carroll in the first ep both Rich and I were thinking "Where is this headed then??"

But the twist has been a truly interesting journey so far.

I'd say I only have a few problems with it and that's just general story based stuff like can none of those cops watch a house without someone either dying, being taken hostage or having a murder attempt on their life I found that to be pretty stupid. After the first incident I thought they would have been much more vigilant.
I guess what I'm struggling with is the way the show is portraying the police/FBI/SWAT.

I know these people are human and humans err but COME ON! It's like every episode a police officer or a FBI agent acts so ridiculously dumb and gets dead/someone else killed/or just has to point out the extremely obvious in each situation. I'm finding some of these instances laugh worthy.
It also seems with each retarded situation in comes Mr Bacon to save the day.

I dunno... I'm going to see out the first season and then I think I'm done.
I feel like it's always something unexpected though.

Things that they couldn't have stopped because they're not psychics. Gay neighbours that come in through a wall to avoid the police? How do the police foresee that?

The wife of a crazy killer that's like the greatest actor ever.

I feel that there is always enough justification for it not to really portray the FBI/Police as useless. Just that these people are just crazy enough to do things that are just unexpected.

Those SWAT guys got killed fair and square. (if you can say something like that and mean it)

What were they meant to do? Shoot an apparently unarmed man with his hands up? They were snuck up on.

My only issue with The Following is a little different, in that his network/cult seems a little too big. At first, it was Jacob, Emma, Paul, that screwed up police officer, and that husband and wife.

Now every man, woman and their dog is a follower of Joe Carroll. An actual cult? Preaching what? I preferred it a little more when it was just one man manipulating a bunch of young people who are a little wrong in the head using his charm.

Now the scale of his operation and the people involved seem a little...sane, and organised. Like it's a freaking CIA mission or something. (a helicopter, really?)

It just seems a little too unbelievable with things like that.
da faq is going on.
Been meaning to give this a go so I might finally do that over the next couple of days.
I can't do this show anymore.

It's ridiculous. I'm going to see the season out and then I'm done.

The general incompetency of EVERYONE is killing me.
At work today I was at some units checking their water, one of the owners name was Joe Carroll [WTF]

I would have been all suspicious of him

Not happy with this episode at all.

The writers are idiots.
Oh I'm going to watch it tonight.

It's alright this show is already in thin ice with me. I'm expecting all kinds of douchebaggery.
Haven't watched it yet, hope it's ok.

Last ep next week.
I feel like complaining again about how terrible this episode was.

Screw this show.
I don't mean to come across as rude Scoot but what was it in this episode that bothered you so much.

I feel every episode has been as equally lame as this one if not worse in some cases.

Leasha said: I don't mean to come across as rude Scoot but what was it in this episode that bothered you so much.
I feel every episode has been as equally lame as this one if not worse in some cases.


Despite everything, I still liked Emma. This was unforgivable.
Thought it was much the same as the rest, excited for the finale next week.

Scoot said:

Leasha said: I don't mean to come across as rude Scoot but what was it in this episode that bothered you so much.
I feel every episode has been as equally lame as this one if not worse in some cases.

Despite everything, I still liked Emma. This was unforgivable.

It was inevitable.
Hmm did you feel the same..

When Roderick died

Leasha said: Hmm did you feel the same..

Yes. That really annoyed me.
So not coming back for season 2?

Leasha said: So not coming back for season 2?

I probably still will.

Hopefully they realise that actually having a cast of characters that don't die after each episode is a good thing. I don't know how to explain it in a way that gets my feelings across 100% though. I'm just sick of characters I like dying.

At this point there is literally only 2 safe characters, and that annoys me. Joe (until the series finale I guess) and Ryan. It's just not interesting when everyone is dead all the time.

Jacob had so much room for a redemption story. Roderick had so much room for a story of his own as well.

I mean the only person we know Jacob had killed himself was Paul. It's implied he killed one of the militia guys with Joe and the other militia guys, but it was off screen, so they could've come back to it later as a Joe kill. I feel sorry for him. He wasn't as crazy or as bad as the rest. He's the reason they got Joey back. He had too much 'screen presence' as a main cast member for him to go like that. Same with Paul tbh.

And Roderick was just overhyped, completely. Joe's second in command! His most trusted ally! How'd that turn out? Good. I liked where it went. Their image of their 'crazy house' was entirely different. Joe is just using everyone. (I no longer like him either. At the beginning he was very charismatic, I no longer see it) Roderick on the other hand, saw their 'cult' as a place for all the crazies to go and feel normal, not to be 'used' without any care for them.

I personally came to like Roderick as a villian way more than Joe. He cared for those people. An interesting trait for a villian. I was actually really hoping he killed Joe by the end of the season and took over, or he took the cult members that no longer believed in Joe's cause and formed his own group. A Roderick group, and a Joe group.

It's just...trying to be too simple.

Hell I'm still pissed off Maggie Grace is dead.
I get what you mean totally.

I just never really felt that connected with any of the characters I guess. I never could stand Emma. She was always so conniving and fake. I really did feel for both Jacob and Paul to start with and then when Emma left them I felt even worse.
I guess if I was to say which character made me feel the most it would have been Jacob. Just seems as though he got a totally raw deal.

I never really liked Joes character as I've seen it before. It's the typical charming, intelligent and evil cult leader kind of character to me. He didn't show me anything different. Hell you can read up about the Jonestown massacres which are real and see Joe Carrols character in Jim Jones- or of course vice versa as the Jonestown massacre was a long time ago. I'm not saying he hasn't played the part well, its just not something different.

I did like Bacons character to begin with but all the blunders, the inside jobs and the near deaths just made it all too dramatic and unbelievable for me.

I don't know. For me this fell far below my expectations. I saw Bacons name and thought it would be amazing and yeah... it just never hit the mark personally for me.
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